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Some of the areas in which we operateAvocat VL&A

Corporate Law

  • Legal follow up of: Ordinary and extraordinary board meetings, by-laws modifications, Company’s registration changes, corporate registrations, company restructuration.

  • Negotiation and writing of partnership agreements, shares transfers, raising or downsizing of registered capital, liquidation, etc

  • Companies registration. Implementation of companies by-laws

  • Monitoring of companies in trouble, insolvency.

Labour Law

  • In-house corporate regulations,

  • Drafting of employment contracts and endorsements,
    Assistance to the practice of the buyout: conventional ruptures, transactions,

  • Professional elections organisation ,

  • Lay-off procedures: Breach of contracts analysis, Procedures follow-up,

  • Defence of Corporations in Courts

Commercial law

  • Contract law: civil and commercial contracts, general conditions, changes and breaches, liability and dispute, joint venture, partnership agreements, finder-fee agreement, agent contracts, portage contracts, trust

  • Recovery of debts (measures of conservation, friendly solutions research, referral to competent jurisdiction), General sale or purchase contract terms,

  • Commercial leases (negotiation and redaction of lease contracts, Renewal of contracts, eviction, transfers of ownership.)),

  • Exchange control regulation, businesses, money transfers, management,

  • Business agents: setting up of agencies, registration, contracts of agreement,

  • Defence of corporations in civil, commercial and criminal Courts,

  • Exequatur on civil, commercial or social rulings

Business Criminal Law

If the risks for corporate Employer and for its company are primary financial and fiscal and if the social aspect of the management are very important for the relations with the work force, the biggest risk is still the always possible implication in a criminal case.

The fear of this eventuality can block the normal conduct of a company resulting in detrimental effects. It is recognized that a penal implication is very damaging for a corporate image.

This is the reason why the firm VL & A specializes generally Penal right, Penal business law and Penal criminal law.

That suppose a psychological approach of the individuals involved in a legal case and also a perfect knowledge of the legal system.

The assistance of VL&A includes attendance and representation of the defendants and it needs a good preparation of the various stages of the procedure (custody, instruction, hearings in Court, etc).

VL&A takes care of the preliminary depositions before the presentation of complaints in Court, and follow up the judicial suites until the execution of the Court judgements, including the prejudices reparation, in the entire French territory and abroad.

Company Director

If you are the Manager of your own company or an executive and decisions maker in a large corporation, VL&A will counsel, represent and assist you in the following matters:

  • Fiscal and Labour statutes of the Employer with recommendations regarding the juridical, tax and social systems you are depending to.

  • Patrimonial system for the Employer (marriage settlement, PACS, divorce, marital status), succession taxes, real estates assets management.

  • Civil liability of the Employer

  • Penal liability of the Employer (risks prevention, legal consulting, representation in Court, legal assistance in case of judicial custody).